This Old Blog…

Repeat visitors are noticing that our site looks different.  “Who gives a shit?” you’re saying.  “Exactly”, is what we’re saying…

We felt it was time for a site-makeover so I started in with a little tummy-tuck, a tan and two fake boobs (fraudulent rack)—then I  moved on to a slathery USB Botoxing session with an encore of having it hold on to both sidebars while asking Jeeves to Google and Bing the backside of  it’s YouTube like a Boing-Boing to the back of your Header-Image…

Unfortunately, the blood tests came back positive for Skype…

By the way, I’ve been asked why we chose Such Tight Slacks for the name of our blog…Well, it originated after watching a hockey game, consuming a couple of Molsons and happening upon the following videos…

Happy Trails!

~Ron-Yves Strouteau

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29 responses to “This Old Blog…

  1. Good thing that there is thick plexiglass around icehockey fields. How else could one risk shouting at 4 hockey ogers that they look pooftah in their ‘oo la la ‘ jeans. Good thing for escape exits and accessible parking lots too. I bet they can even run on concrete on those skates.

  2. What’s wrong with your rated R sign. Is that supposed to be maine or something?

  3. lol. what a cool way to find your inspirations

  4. I love the new look, I may be coming to you for some help with moving to a myself shortly.

    I thought you were an 80’s era musician with a penchant for mocking and comedy. I wasn’t really that far off, was I?

    • Thanks Scott. Anytime ya want to discuss dot.coms, Haitian stag flicks and innovative ways to cool the crotches of the world, I’m most certainly game…

      Your assessment was right on actually. I’m 31 now—which means I was really in my prime during the decade of the 80’s…and those rumors about me playing a flaming Keytar are probably true…


  5. According to my Wiki, you got yer Phil Esposito and Anders Hedberg. And since that’s all the star power the Rangers could muster, there’s Don Maloney and Ron Greschner because they’re the only other guys who owned jeans. Your blog looks fabulous.

    • haha—thanks Coop 🙂

      Ron Greschner—that just sounds like a guy that is constantly having sex with hot women. My ‘Ron’ alias sounds so gay compared to that guy’s actual name…

      I’m gonna go sulk…

  6. “Fraudulent rack” haha… I love it

  7. I stuck my USB into a slot reserved for some kinda mini-card thingy and next thing I knew, my computer started growing. Two months later, it spit out a laptop that ran on windows 3.11. It tried to grow and update itself to windows 95, but I used it for target practice instead. Now my computer sheds bites of ram uncontrollably.

    I’m sorry, but I just can’t into tight jeans anymore in any way.

  8. lol as for your blog…im glad to say that at at least there is no way that your pants are on the ground..

  9. Woohoo, nice tits 🙂

  10. Can’t go wrong with an Esposito in tight slacks…. Layout looks good Ron.. looks like the front page of the Times – only…. when was the last time the Times had a front page with a big green dick and multiple hockey players ice dancing in tight black jeans……

  11. Well it is different… And here I thought Such Tight Slacks had something to do with all your references to Fat Asses! 🙄

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