The Weather Fork-Ass—Don’t Start Your Week Without It…

Iron the poncho and steal an umbrella—there’s a storm a’coming…

Our high-end meteorology equipment is bearing bad news once again.  I was really hoping to report clear skies and ideal temps with occasional showers of ‘whatever the Hell you want’—but I’m afraid it’s not to be...

The ADHD Chuck Norris Radar Run-Down: A very useful segment in which ADHD Chuck Norris totally forgets that he’s reporting the radar information and begins to throw round-house kicks at the Great Lakes instead…

Thank’s Chuck—we appreciate the effort…

~Ron-Yves & Sampsonian

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36 responses to “The Weather Fork-Ass—Don’t Start Your Week Without It…

  1. I’d like Chuck to come and do a chop-suey on the tsunami like bitter winter winds that keep whipping my ass, does he take requests?!

  2. yo ho where iz ya? 😦 im bored…come play with me

  3. This sounds more like a “doomsday” alert, instead of a weather alert….hehe.

    And…..yes, good ol’ Chuck will save the day!

  4. I’m glad that forecast was just for the mens. Because only sunshine comes out of my ass.

  5. Now if only Chuck would wear the same color clothing as his green screen … that would … be powerful and freaky. Kind of. I guess. 🙂

  6. Word for word, exactly how my day went… unbelievable!

  7. Looks like Chuck just shit Texas.

  8. They should have sent Chuck Norris to fix that BP oil spill.

  9. I thought the whole Chuck Norris was to kick the rest of us with ADHD who weren’t paying attention to the weather.

  10. in 1st year of university, my statistics lecturer/professor looked JUST LIKE chuck norris..i used to call him Chucky – he heard me call him that once… he always gave me the same look after that each time see him… “i AM chuck norris” with a little smirk..i think it actually was chuck norris..he and i had an understanding…a thing if you will..

  11. God’s word may be infallible, but in comparisson to Chuck, he really needs to work on his abs.

  12. When Chuck sneezes, whole populations need to be deslimed.

  13. I love The Chuck! Chuck Norris doesn’t forecast the weather, he orders it to bend to his will.

  14. I’m actually shocked he wasn’t asked to be in “The Expendables”. Just about everyone else is

  15. Nothing can withstand the awesome might of old Chuck.

  16. When Chuck Norris kicks the Great Lakes on a television screen, the real ones flood the entire Midwest.

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