Your New Bad Habit…

Denny Delvecchio.

Denny Delvecchio, the CEO and ’employee of the month’ over at Your New Bad Habit, recently had one of his secretaries contact me with several propositions—But the thought of doing Denny’s yard-work or videotaping his ritualistic 3-way with a dehydrated set of Olsen twins didn’t exactly sound appealing to me.  So I declined.

Ultimately, a compromise was reached and I’m happy to report that our staff will be dropping off the occasional ‘guest-post’ over at Denny’s place.

Click or rub Denny’s mugshot to be whisked away to his neck of the woods—give that son of a bitch some unprotected love…

~Ron-Yves Strouteau

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12 responses to “Your New Bad Habit…

  1. You da man, Ron! I’m heading over to Denny’s now for some vaginal procurement. πŸ™‚

  2. Seriously Ron, is it that bad out there, that you have to slut yourself out like some cheap New Hampshire roast beef on DENNY’S blog?? Come to the classy confines of Love in the Dumps next. Our only STD is freedom.

  3. Mrs Ron Yves Strouteu can Ronny come out and play today? im bored… my mum is making ice cream … πŸ˜€

  4. You sold out, baby.


  5. Great site!
    I hope to see plenty of your stuff on the new site.

    – Calhoun

  6. omg its like u are being a blog whore ron…


    i miss Denny already 😦

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