Homeless, not humorless…

On a recent trip to Fenway Park in Boston, Assachussetts I came across one of the richest homeless people I’ve ever seen.  Thanks to his fantastic sign, this bastard probably pulled in about 2,ooo-bucks before the Red Sox game!

*I snapped this photo right before making my donation πŸ™‚

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37 responses to “WWW.Who’sYourDaddy.com/SpankMeHarder.Orgasm

  1. I made a sign just like it and stood outside a local church. Didn’t even get one damn dime. Maybe I’ll try another church next Sunday.

  2. Sadly, yournewbadhabit.orgasm was already squatted on by that twatface.

  3. Dr. Max Yestronaut

    Nothing better than an honest and ambitious homeless guy. This guy is going to be wearing an Armani leisure suit, driving a Bentley, and sticking dollar bills in g-strings in no time…

  4. Wait … why does HE need to get drunk for that to happen?

  5. It’s like with those Disney and Star Wars movies. The Red Sox don’t bring in much money, but the side-action around the stadion, and merchandising like that sign, do.
    I bet it’s the same guy that does Wally the green monster. So they can save on personnel.

    • haha—you’re right, this dude probably was on the payroll eh? I was scammed—and it felt great πŸ™‚

      • πŸ™‚ i was just checking how defensive you’d get about the Red Sox. Just joking around of course.

      • haha—I’m not one of THOSE Red Sox fans—I was actually born closer to NY city so I grew up with a hardcore Yankees fan for a father…I’ve been to Yankee Stadium as a kid and it was awesome. I guess I’m one of the rare Sox fans with a soft spot with those f*cking ass-holes known as the God damned New York Yankees πŸ™‚

  6. I was in New York yesterday and this random guy was walking around the train station with an “I need money for weed” sign. Nobody donated to him though.

  7. Thank God I didn’t take that Bumfights contract. This is a way better gig for beer money!

    • Yes sir Scott sir…Not only was this ass-hole buying beer—but he was probably buying stock in Coors after that night…I’m kicking myself for not asking to look at the other signs…looks like I’ll have to go to another Sox game…



  8. I’ll have you know when we got him back to the motel, we all bathed together, watched a few episodes of Charles in Charge, and then we spooned. It was fun.

  9. If he only cleaned his nails 😦

  10. u know with my business acumen we could take this idea globally!!!
    lets franchise it, we set up these homeless guys all over the world at major sporting events where men will be totally drunk and their wallets will open! πŸ˜€

    ps single girl and ron you can be my assistants πŸ˜€ 60/40 split you two can share the 40, since i am making this thing totally viable…

    im starting to set up the manufacturing production line for mugs, t-shirts, autobiographies and reality show as we speak!

    get to work you two!

    gold jerry! gold!

    • Freeking Australians—always trying weasel their way in…

      You’re gonna have to come to NY to sign the paperwork Susi—you’ll never make it in the city, I saw Crocodile Dundee—that dude was a loose cannon…

      How about you run the satellite office in NH and I’ll give you 24.999999% of the profits…? Try not to knife anyone while you’re here please…


      • u know i have a business accounting qualification as well sooooo if you want lets make it 25% and ill do the books of the business…TRUST ME…………………….. they will be done VERY WELL πŸ˜€

        PS why dont YOU come here to sign the paperwork… pfftt bloody americans… and dont think im going to defend u each and everyday you are here eventually I will have to join in the fun of making fun of you… haha

      • I’ll have you and three kangaroos in a headlock within 5-minutes of getting off that plane fool…


  11. Very interesting logic. Homeless man getting drunk ensures molestation by two women. I would like to see these women. Hmmm… Just came up with brilliant idea! Homeless porn! Do not steal my idea. Going to write business plan.

    • Too late—I’m videotaping homeless people making lovelysexualcourse in my living room right now…However, I’d be honored to co-direct a feature with you if you’d be willing to oblige…


  12. Lol. i’d give him some money purely for making me laugh

  13. Something tells me this guy gets more … traffic … than I could have ever dreamed of! πŸ™‚

  14. hahaha, thats such a great sign, think I need to to do a similar sign to use when I go to the pub so that the girls straight away knows what I want, money that is… πŸ™‚

    • I’m sure the gals would be refreshed by meeting a guy that wasn’t just looking for sex…your strategy would work wonders. Why go back to her place when you could go back to her bank instead? Grab some loot and a lollipop—then go back and proceed with the intersexual multi-positioned relations…

  15. I love it! Reminds me of the guy (named something pimp sounding) who made all that money selling books on how to get rich panhandling. πŸ˜†

  16. Marketing Genius as it seems he has multiple messages depending on his target.

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