Take A Load Off…

Life can be hectic and quite stressful at times.  As an adult male, you have to deal with such things and just roll with the punches.  For me, as a way to deal with the stresses of life, sometimes I like to just sit down and—take a pee…

Apparently, I’m not alone in the world with this destressing endeavor.  According to this article, a whole bunch of Japanese men prefer to do the same thing.  I take great comfort in knowing some of the people who designed the Mazda that I drive also sit down to pee—It’s a good way to bridge cultural gaps.

So to all of my fellow humans who bear the fleshy Florida-shaped appendage: When the going gets tough and the bladder is full—take a seat my brothers…let all of your cares disappear.

Published By: Dr. Max Yestronaut

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26 responses to “Take A Load Off…

  1. God gave man opposable thumbs to grasp *your wang* and the ability to stand upright *while taking a slash*

    therefore it’s god’s will to take a liquid dump whilst standing! Please Don’t make god angry by sitting!

  2. Hello? Anyone out there?

  3. sigh… where are u ronny?? blog again!! we miss you!! my blog life is so empty without u 😦

  4. The secret to sitting down when you pee is to sit on a toilet. It just isn’t the same on the recliner.

  5. Your Google ad is “Ask a Urologist Online.”

    Um, yes please.

  6. I think this is so liberating for men. Personally, I only date men who sit down to take a wizzer. I think there’s something so sensual about that.

    Cheers to you Ron-Yves Strouteau.

  7. the picture makes it look like he has a weener coming out of his butt. I thought I was the only one. Horray!

  8. I love sitting down to pee. It gives you the perfect chance to just stop, breathe, and take in your surroundings. An opportunity to reconnect with the present moment… if you will.

  9. I only sit down to pee if —>>

    a.) I know and trust the owner of the toilet and b.) if the seat is one of those high-class padded numbers—you know what I’m talkin’ booooooot…

    For the record, I usually stand up to poop.

    Good day.

  10. bahahhahaah

    oh gosh guys…. sounds like you are all prepped up to sit on Oprah’s round table and discuss how discriminating the world is because you have to keep this secret to yourselves your whole life. But now you are all sitting down in order to stand up for mankind. Ill get you all a tissue box…

  11. Taking that extra time to sit down could be the difference between me leaving a urinary track down my pants or aiming just in time to hit the toilet water.


  12. I just have issues with my penis being way to close to water so thats why I’m standing on a chair while peeing 😀

  13. Okay, I will admit that I will sit down if I’m in someone else’s home and everyone is right outside the door. 😀

  14. Ever since I woke up in the middle of the night to pee and blacked out as I fell back asleep peeing…I tend to sit when I am tired.

  15. Single men are mainly single because of our lack of putting the seat back down. There’s something about standing there and going . . . AAAWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! After which we realize two days later we forgot something, but can’t figure out what it was.

  16. oh but then, this introduces a whole other realm of stresses such as: has it really ever been proven that I can’t get herpes from a toilet seat? or, wait, why does that feel wet?

    trust me on this one. as a lady, who likes to occasionally sit down when i pee, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

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