In a world where things are consistently over-analyzed, there is one thing for certain, without debate—some of the people, things and situations that you encounter on a daily basis are absolute bull-shit…There’s really no other way to put it…

We want to compile a list of a few things that we feel are 100% bull-shit—But realistically speaking, there are just too many to choose from, therefore we’re going to be breaking them down into different categories as we progress…

E-Mail us if you have an idea for a potential category of bull-shit…

Enjoy 🙂

—>>Bull-Shits of Summer<<—

—>>Bull-Shits of Winter<<—


2 responses to “Bull-Sh*ts

  1. Agreed. Beck is a douche. Love the Katie Couric interview with him.

  2. I’ve been promting this blogger
    He’s calling bullshit on Glenn Beck…daily.
    If anyone deserves to make your list, it’s Beck!

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