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Homeless, not humorless…

On a recent trip to Fenway Park in Boston, Assachussetts I came across one of the richest homeless people I’ve ever seen.  Thanks to his fantastic sign, this bastard probably pulled in about 2,ooo-bucks before the Red Sox game!

*I snapped this photo right before making my donation 🙂

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George Steinbrenner (1930-2010) R.I.P. Despite my being a fan of the Boston Red Sox since the early 80’s, I was saddened to hear about Mr. Steinbrenner’s passing today.  Trust me, there are plenty of dickheads in Boston that are shamelessly … Continue reading


1 of the following 2 artists will find themselves on my i-pod—place your bets… 1st: Lady Gaga—The milky-white masculine Madonna… As the N.Y. Yankees were hosting the N.Y. Mets on Friday night, the handsome Gaga was perched in the stands, … Continue reading

10-Cent Beer-Night Remembered…’74

Brings out the best in baseball fans...

Yesterday (June 4th Jackass) marked the anniversary of baseball’s ’10-cent beer night’, which took place at the Cleveland Indians’ Municipal Stadium in 1974…In an effort to damage livers and boost fan attendance, the Indians were offering up 8-0z. cups of Stroh’s beer for 10-cents a whack.  Averaging only 8,000 fans a game up until that point in the season, their strategy worked wonders as over 25,000 perspiring heathens piled into the ball-park with fistfuls change—and then proceeded to get absolutely pickled while their hometown Indians hosted the Texas Rangers…

A different story was playing out on the field though—These two teams had played each other one week prior in Texas and a bench clearing brawl had erupted which culminated with a violently intoxicated crowd storming the field to grapple with umpires, coaches and mustached players—Why were they drunk ask ye? Because Texas was actually having their own ‘cheap beer night’ on that particular evening…Given this background, it’s hard to believe that the Indians would go through with a 10-cent beer night just a week later against the same team…

In Cleveland, the fans were unruly from the start of the contest—One female fan got on the field and flashed her baseboobs, a naked genius slid head-first into 2nd-base and a father & son team rushed the field before displaying their bare-ass cheeks to everyone in the bleachers…Inspired by piss-warm Stroh’s and Cincinnati Chili, the remorseless Ohio mob in the stands began to grow increasingly barbaric with each passing inning…

Regardless, the game turned out as you’d probably expect…

A large number of intoxicated fans – some armed with knives, chains, and portions of stadium seats that they had torn apart – surged onto the field, and others hurled bottles from the stands…(wiki)

Many rioters threw a vast array of objects including cups, rocks, bottles, batteries from radios, hot dogs, popcorn containers, and folding chairs…(wiki)

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Not long ago, during the 5th inning of a Seattle Mariners baseball game, Ken Griffey Jr. decided it was the perfect time to get some shut-eye.  He told teammates that he was going to the clubhouse ‘to get his jacket’—which … Continue reading