The following images were either taken with our own cameras, modified by us in some way or created in Photoshop.  Clicking any of the images will instantly whisk your sweaty ass away to the post in which it was used…Pure genius!

*If you have ©opyright interests pertaining to any of the images we’ve altered, feel free to yell & curse at us—we’ll happily remove the material…

Photoshopped by a weathered Sampsonianslumber  ↓

Photoshopped by a drunken, Irish, Sampsonianslumber  ↓

Photo taken by a frightened Ron-Yves Strouteau

Artwork done by a bored Ron-Yves Strouteau  ↓

Photoshopped by a hungry Sampsonianslumber  ↓

Photo-Shopped by a jelly-covered Sampsonianslumber  ↓

Photoshopped by a soccer-hating Sampsonianslumber  ↓

Witty monkey dialogue inserted by someone who sucks at Photoshop—Ron-Yves Strouteau  ↓

Photoshopped by a true (and slightly twisted) American, Sampsionianslumber  ↓

Photoshopped by a childish Ron-Yves Strouteau  ↓

Photoshopped by an extremely indecisive Sampsonianslumber (while wearing wicked tight Wranglers)  ↓

Deliverance of image alterations perferomed by Ron-Yves Strouteau (you look like a blog)  ↓

Photoshopped by the owner of a small pair of sunglasses, Sampsonianslumber  ↓

Photoshopped by a bleach-blond Sampsonianslumber ↓

Photoshopped by an incredulous Sampsonianslumber  ↓

Photoshopped by an oily Sampsonianslumber  ↓


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